Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occur while you are climbing it with the koromount rope

A mountaineering rope manufacturer is entrusted with a tremendous deal of responsibility when making climbing rope.
Koromount mountaineering is completely aware of that. One of the strongest ropes the industry has seen in recent years was created by Koromount by combining the most modern technology and materials available.

Strong, flexible ropes with a minimum amount of water absorption are made with superior nylon and polyester fibres. In order to sustain severe pressures in applications like motor winches, dirt, environmental effect, heavy weights, and utmost perfection requirements place significant demands on a climbing rope. Koromount rope adheres to the tightest international regulations. Different core and cover yarns are used to make it.

In order to meet the stringent requirements for Kernmantle ropes that can withstand many instances of falling objects, Koromount is developed. The science and skill of making the ideal static and dynamic ropes have been perfected by Koromount Ropes employing a variety of patterns, structures, and finishing techniques. Our capacity to create and produce everything under one roof enables us to ensure a better outcome, more consistency, and higher quality.












    • Perfect for the use in devices conforming to EN 341:2011
    • Soft in handling
    • High abrasion strength
    • 3 braided cores


    Why choose Koromount as the best mountaineering rope?

    KOROMOUNT has created one of the strongest ropes the industry has seen in recent times by combining the best modern-day technology and available materials.
    Koromount products are superior Nylon and Polyester fibers that create ropes with unrivaled strength, flexibility, and low water absorption. Koromount climbing adheres to the most stringent international specifications to withstand heavy loads in applications such as motor winches, dirt, climatic influence, heavy loads, and dimensional stability requirements. It is made of various core and cover yarns.

    Colors & Combinations


    Its design makes this rope particularly well suited for use around sheaves. Furthermore, it provides above average breaking forces in combination with various types of hardware. Perfectly adapted to the needs of the caver, giving excellent balance between abrasion resistance and flexibility.

    Key Feature



    STANDARD – EN1891:1998
    BRAID – 32 & 48

    Specification: Koromount Rope

    Koromount Nylotech
    Weight grams/meter465768727584125
    Breaking Load(KGF)1800230025002800300034004200
    Breaking Load with figure of eight knot(KGF)1000110012001400150017002000
    Sheath Slippage0mm0mm0mm0mm0mm0mm0mm
    No of fall factors with 100kg load6778878
    Elongation (50/150KG)4%3.5%3%3.5%4%4.5%4%


    Koromount Polytech
    Weight grams/meter5160768590110148
    Breaking Load(KGF)1600190023002500290033003800
    Breaking Load with figure of eight knot(KGF)1000120012001400140016001600
    Sheath Slippage0mm0mm0mm0mm0mm0mm0mm
    No of fall factors with 100kg load6676787
    Elongation (50/150KG)4%3.4%3%3.80%3%4.50%4%


    Koromount Max
    Weight grams/meter48.558.57279.882.597136.5
    Breaking Load(KGF)2100250027003000350042004800
    Breaking Load with figure of eight knot(KGF)1200120015001500170017001700
    Sheath Slippage0mm0mm0mm0mm0mm0mm0mm
    No of fall factors with 100kg load6778878
    Elongation (50/150KG)4%2.4%3%2.80%3%3.5%2%


    • Perfect for the use in devices conforming to EN 341:2011
    • Above average breaking forces in combination with devices
    • Soft in handling
    • High abrasion strength
    • 3 braided cores

    What Our Client Says

    Rishi Pathak

    Being a climber myself, I have owned many types of climbing ropes and have used many brands. Koromount is the best by far: I can't believe the difference between Koromount and other products on the market. This rope is so well-made, it's almost impossible to distinguish between its tightly braided strands. I am recommending this climbing rope to all my friends who haven't switched yet!

    Rahul Basu

    I have been using Koromount ropes for the last few years now and I absolutely love them. It's tough to find such a good quality rope at a reasonable price. One of the main advantages of these ropes is that there grip is more then the others. The thickness, as well as the material and construction of their casing, are especially worth mentioning; it has proven to be an invaluable asset for my team in competitions!

    Vivek Tripathi

    Koromount rope is my favorite brand. I have been using their products for over 3 years and they are just so dependable. They're long lasting, safe and certified which is always a plus! Plus, the company cares about its clients and customers which gives me peace of mind in knowing that I'm using a quality product that's safe.

    Pankaj Khanna

    I've been climbing rope since I was 8 years old and I know ropes! The Koromount is a great rope, it may be on the more expensive side but it's worth every penny. It's got all the features you would want in a climbing rope and then some. Plus, this company has great customer service that I have had nothing but positive interactions with when I called them to buy my second one. Strongly recommend.

    Rohit Bajoria

    This rope is the best climbing rope in the market. It is versatile, durable and has a better grip, so even if you're climbing rocks with it, you're pretty sure to have an easy time. Overall I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to rock climb or just be outside!

    Parth Samthan

    I am a professional climber and I have been using koromount rope for a couple of years now. This is the best climbing rope out there because it has better stability, perfect dynamic and static ropes, and I can trust my life to this rope! It's worth every penny.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      The major factor for this is the thickness of the rope, gripping a thicker rope is easier than gripping a thinner rope. Nylon ropes are suited better due to the density of the material
      Nylon ropes are favoured because of the ability of the material to have a better stretch under tension. This helps mountaineers incase of any accidents.
      Ideally there are 3 types of ropes used by mountain climbers static ropes, semi dynamic and dynamic ropes. This is each described by the overall density and stretch of the materials.
      The best material used for climbing ropes is nylon. All mountaineers prefer using ropes which are made of nylon, it makes up the dynamic ropes.

      1) Check the size of the rope, it should be about 15 ft.

      2) Mark the spot

      3) Dig the holes

      4) Stick the post saver sleeves

      5) Put the post fence up

      6)Pour it in the post fix bag

      7) Attach the bars

      8) Set up the rope

      Climbing ropes can have the strength of up 2400 kgs. This is more than a car. Most mountaineering gear also has similar tension and strain
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