KOROMOUNT ROPE is a name recognized in domestic & international markets. Operating since 1985. We have a long record for product excellence, strong R & D, and Quality and service that go hand in hand. KOROMOUNT ROPE has crafted one of the strongest ropes that the industry has witnessed in recent times. It takes a lot to weave a rope that can hold the life of a mountaineer in rugged terrains. KOROMOUNT ROPES have mastered the science and art behind creating the perfect static & dynamic ropes using variations in designs, constructions and finishing treatments. We will never cut corners when it comes to quality, both to ourselves and to others who depend on and utilize our products.


We have five types of koromount rope. Let’s have a quick look :

  1. 10mm koromount white static rope
  2. 11mm koromunt mustard static rope
  3. 12mm koromount military static rope
  4. Koromount 8mm static rope
  5. koromount static rope 10.5mm UIAA Certified – made in India
  • 10mm koromount white static rope

Koromount is specifically to withstand heavy loads in applications such as motor winches, dirt, climatic influence, heavy loads and dimensional stability requirements place high demands on a rope. It is made of different core and cover yarns. In older day Natural fiber ropes were the only ropes available for mountaineering. In the modern areas now new materials like Nylon, Polyester is now available to rope makers. These fibers are far more superior to the natural fiber ropes as they are very strong and very flexible and water absorption is minimal. We focus on making it extremely robust and compact. Its design makes this rope particularly well suited for use around sheaves.

  • 11mm koromunt mustard static rope

Koromount Ropes under Kohinoor was a natural extension of the product offerings from the parent company which was already supplying ropes across the world maintaining high international standards and quality servicing. We make most of our ropes with polyamide (nylon) and polyester as core and cover yarns and vice versa respectively. We focus on making it extremely robust and compact. Ropes made with polyamide (nylon) as core and use polyester as cover are extremely low stretch along with high static strength and superior handling characteristics. There are many features to types of yarn used in manufacturing perfect rope.

  • 12mm koromount military static rope

Its design makes this rope particularly well-suited for use around sheaves. Furthermore, it provides above-average breaking forces in combination with various types of hardware. Perfectly adapted to the needs of the caver, giving an excellent balance between abrasion resistance and flexibility.

  • Koromount 8mm static rope

Koromount Static ropes are low-stretch kernmantle ropes. Kernmantle ropes absorb high shock and stand in the face of multiple events of fall. Tested in labs of global standards, the main advantage of using Koromount kern-mantle ropes is the fact that it is directly coming from the manufacturers, and from a brand that stands for its face value, delivering at par with every global standard requirement both among static & dynamic ropes.

  • koromount static rope 10.5mm UIAA Certified –made in India

Koromount Static ropes are low-stretch kernmantle ropes and are UIAA-certified. Sometimes they are also referred to as ‘semi-static ropes’. Contrary to what their name might suggest, static ropes do have dynamic characteristics, although much less than those of a dynamic rope. Static ropes have a working elongation of under 5% (sport climbing ropes have between 7% and 10%).

Quality Assurance

Koromount Ropes, quality, and service go into every product we make. Our ability to develop and produce under one roof allows us to guarantee a better results, greater consistency, and higher quality. We stand firmly behind the perfection of our products’ design, engineering, and construction and guarantee that they are free from flaws.


  • Operating since 1985, we have a long record for product excellence, strong R & D, and diligent quality control. We are supported by an experienced design & product development team. As an ISO 9001:2000 certi¬ed company, we have a well-established quality management system functioning at every level.
  • Koromount ropes are UIAA certified. The Certified Equipment database comprises a public search function that allows mountaineers, climbers, and all interested stakeholders to look for UIAA Safety Label-certified products available in the market across all accredited brands and manufacturers.

The ends of the rope are marked with labels containing the essential details about the rope, including the name of the manufacturer, the rope type, the standard, the CE conformity symbol and number designating the certification body, the length and diameter, the batch number with the manufacturing year, and the corresponding EN standard. The rope is next wound onto reels or drums to be sold by the meter. Alternately, they can be wound around a coiling device and sold in finished lengths. Then, each drum or coil of completed rope is weighed one more. Each rope’s precise weight is noted and verified. Any weight fluctuation, no matter how slight, is promptly noticed, and the rope is released. The final rope is prepared for distribution once it has been bundled with a product label and the user guide.

Manufacturer of high-quality cordage for various applications, KOROMOUNT ROPES is a name recognized in domestic & international markets.


Mountaineering, climbing, and working at heights or underground often involve hidden risks and dangers from external factors. The risk of accidents cannot be ruled out. For more detailed and in-depth information, please refer to the applicable literature However, even user manuals and instructions will never be a substitute for experience, personal responsibility, and knowledge of the risks involved in mountaineering, climbing, and working at heights or underground. They do not release the user from taking responsibility.

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