In Indian subcontinent, cricket is the most popular game. The game is becoming more and more attractive globally. The practice of the game is the key to success for a player and country as well. Cricket practice net is among the essential equipments for practicing cricket. Modern cricket has changed a lot due to the introduction of competitive and challenging formats like one-day, and T20 cricket matches to make the game more excited.


Whoever, a beginner or a seasoned player has to go through net practice regularly. The cricket practice net makes the place safe and favorable to practice. The use of cricket net helps to develop skills and techniques of players through close attention by a coach or trainer. When a batsman hits the ball with power, Cricket net helps to stop the ball from going away to far distance. Many batsmen and bowlers can take part in the practice simultaneously by installing multiple cricket nets.


Choosing of right kind of Cricket net is a delicate task, while selecting one the size, quality, material, price, the ground or place, climatic conditions, etc. should be kept under consideration. No identical cricket net for all purpose is available. Metal cricket net for all seasons for outdoor practice is suitable. Nylon or polyester cricket net is popular for light weight and easy to carry and install.

cricket net

Cricket Net

What are Cricket nets and why do you need a Cricket net?

Cricket nets are made of various materials i.e. cotton, nylon, metal with cricket netting of 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm thick. For outdoor cricket heavy duty UV treated Cricket net is suitable as it is resistant to heat of the Sun. 12ft width and 9ft wide nets are standard in size. There are 24ft long and 9ft high, 36ft long by 10ft or 12ft high nets are being used. Cricket nets are the basic need for practicing cricket. Sometimes we see multiple Cricket nets in schools and cricket clubs for outdoor and indoor in different size for junior and senior players.

We need a Cricket net for safety and development of techniques of cricketers. Bowlers and batsmen can practice without any fielders and wicket keepers. Cricket net protects the ball from going far away which saves time. Several numbers of players may be accommodated in one ground by installing multiple Cricket nets saimeltenously.

What are the advantages of an Indoor vs Outdoor net ?


Net practice is an integral part of cricket. Both outdoor and indoor nets are being used for practicing cricket for certain purposes are given below.

Indoor Cricket nets- During winter and monsoon indoor nets fitted in a hall or indoor stadium provides uninterrupted practice. It is cost-effective and free from hazards of outdoor practice. Indoor nets are more preferable in schools, sports centers, and community centers. Indoor net practice is beneficial for perfect visibility and low noise. Children are restless, so they can go out of the ground at any time and may face any undesirable incident during the practice session. Indoor cricket net practice is more protective for children and junior players.


Outdoor cricket nets- are more popular and well acquainted to play cricket matches, while indoor net practice needs some time for the adoption of outdoor cricket games. Cricket is an outdoor game and practice in outdoor net makes a player accustomed to the game. Countries that play cricket have various types of climatic conditions. Players from the warm country have to play matches in the cold country and vice versa. Outdoor net practice helps them to be familiar with the changed climatic condition. Test cricket is played for 5 days, one day, and T20 crickets are played mainly at night causing many adverse factors like heat, dew, humidity, bad light, rain, etc. To cope up with these unwanted factors outdoor net practice is compulsory.


outdoor cricket net

Outdoor Cricket net

Cricket nets and why they are important to the game?



Cricket is a team game and certain number of players are needed to form a team. Matches are played between two teams consisting of some batsmen, bowlers. Continuous and rigorous practice of batting and bowling is necessary to bring out best performance. Most important part is net practicing. Cricket nets are needed for net practice to develop the skill and techniques of players. It provides the safety to players, coach and all other persons present on the ground. Cricket net saves time by blocking balls from going far. Multiple nets can be installed at the same time and many players can practice simultaneously. Coaches and trainers can closely watch the shortcoming of a player and rectify it instantly during net practice. Without a cricket net game of cricket is impossible to play.

How to choose the right cricket net for your needs?



Choosing of right kind of cricket net depends on many factors. In cold country like England Australia indoor practice is compulsory for net practice, whereas in Indian subcontinent outdoor net practice is mainly done. School cricket or junior players use different kind of cricket net from seniors. Choosing of cricket net depends upon the climatic condition of that place. So there is on ideal type of cricket net in all condition. Right choice of net depends in which situation the game is to be played.


Cricket net is made of synthetic, cotton or metal for protecting the men including players and coach from injury and blocking the ball from going outside the field. Cricket practice net is unit based and can be multiple in numbers for accommodating many players at a time. Cricket net practice develops the efficiency, techniques, confidence, skill of bowlers and batsmen. Two teams take part in a match consisting of certain number of players in a team. For making a player competent net practice is key to success. 


Price of cricket net depends on quality, size and material of the net. Investment on this tool returns a lot. Before purchasing the buyer should study the kind of net he needs. The price range of cricket net varies from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 25000 depending on the above factors.


Cricket Net With Pole

Cricket net with pole.



Fixing up of cricket net is important for practicing the game. Net blocks the ball from going outside. To fix up, the net poles are required. The pole to be used should be long to reach across and to hold up one side of the net. Pole may be made of wood or metal covered with paint. Moveable poles can be shifted according to the requirement and can be kept folded occupying a minimum space while in rest.

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